Fight For Your Freedom Fridays

With the November midterm elections quickly approaching, I just felt that I needed to do more to support the best candidates to stop the onslaught of what many refer to as the “GOP Death Cult” of Republicans, that vote against bills to help stop climate change, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant’s right and healthcare for veterans, to name a few important issues.

I decided to start a Friday video series on Instagram called “Fight For Your Freedom Fridays” where I briefly mention a candidate to support in the upcoming elections, a non-profit organization or some action that people can take to help save what is left of our democracy that has become, or maybe always was an oligarchy. I’ll also be talking about some international issues and socio-political thoughts.

I don’t know how much good it will do, but I feel that these issues are so important to me, that if nothing else, people will understand me and know that I care about these things and what happens to the future of The United States, our Earth, environment, flora, fauna and humanity. I’m not just someone that goes out partying, or dancing around in a sexy outfit singing about “piffle” as my British husband would say.

I actually care and always have. The first song I ever wrote was called “Cosmetic Vanity” about the horrors of animal testing. My mother has always been an environmental and social justice activist so she has always been my role model. Just like her, I don’t know how to not care!

I started my new Instagram series on August 5th, 2022 by encouraging people to send money to NARAL Pro-Choice America because they are having a triple-matched donation fundraiser until September 30th where a group of generous donors has agree to triple all donations to NARAL. In other words, if you donate $10 it will be matched to be $30, $25 will be $75 and so on.

Like the 8 in 10 Americans who believe a woman should be able to decide what happens to her own body, I am horrified that SCOTUS would overturn Roe vs. Wade immediately allowing abortion bans to go into effect in many states. It’s like The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is become a reality! Women will die because if this. Abortion isn’t just about ending a pregnancy but it’s also about saving women from complications in pregnancy that can literally kill them. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with maintaining control over women to keep them from having freedom to control what happens to them and their lives.

My second Fight For Your Freedom Friday (FFYFF) reel was in support of Congressman Adam Schiff. He is the congressman that oversaw Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings and he believes in democracy, the rule of law, and the right to vote for all Americans so that WE THE PEOPLE are actually represented by the politicians.

If we’re able to keep a Democratic House majority, and expand the majority in the Senate by just another 1-2 seats so much would be possible — pass The Voting Rights Act, abolish the filibuster, codify Roe, raise the minimum wage, and ban assault weapons, and even more investments in saving the Earth from destructive climate change.

If Republicans take control, all of the progress we’ve made could be reversed. That Republicans could succeed in ending meaningful oversight, and pave the way from another dangerous and abusive Trump administration. In fact, Kevin McCarthy is already threatening to strip Adam of his committee assignments if Republicans take the House.

Congress has passed the Inflation Reduction Act, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the first gun safety bill in 30 years, and the CHIPS and Science Act, which will invest hundreds of billions of dollars into the manufacturing of the future right here in the United States and help bring inflation down.

So much is at stake in November. If we’re able to protect and expand the Democratic majorities this November, more progressive policies will come to fruition and push our nation forward. This is why I think it’s important for people to help Adam Schiff’s campaign for re-election. Many small contributions will add up to enough to counter the millions the “GOP Death Cult” is throwing behind their candidates,

Every Friday, I will be posting another reel on Instagram with a new FFYFF – Fight For Your Freedom Friday, so I hope you will check them out and stay active! This isn’t just for people in The United States, I will also be talking about some international issues as well.