Fight For Your Freedom Friday – Episode 2

Help Re-Elect Adam Schiff for Congress!

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Hi everybody. In Instagram world. This is my second segment of Fight for Your Freedom Friday. Every Friday I’m going to talk about something sociopolitical, some actions you can take to save our democracy here in America, but also maybe some international things as well. But for today, since I’m in a hurry, I’m running off to see Rage Against the Machine. I’m very excited at Madison Square Garden. I bought tickets like, oh, two, three years ago. 

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And it’s, you know, it was postponed because of this thing called pandemic. And finally, finally, I had to go see them today so quickly. I wanted to say that if you are all tapped out, but if possible, if you can spare any change, this is somebody that I recommend supporting this guy named Adam Schiff. You may have heard of him. He oversaw Trump’s impeachment hearings. He’s running again for re-election for Congress. 

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And he’s got lots, lots of GOP death cult money trying to defeat him in the upcoming elections. So if you can please, please, please send him some money, I will give you the URL and also posted here in the 

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on my real. It’s Adam you Adam Schiff. That’s So if you can spare any change, every amount helps $3, $5, whatever you can spare. Because I’ve already sent him some money. I’m going to send some more. I mean, I’m just sending to everybody hope John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, all that, everybody that I possibly can, even though I can’t vote for them, at least I can send them a couple, you know, a couple bucks. 

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And the thing is, with lots of small donations, it really makes a difference to try to help us defeat the millions and millions of dollars that the GOP death cult is putting into defeating candidates who actually care about democracy and care about the rule of law and are not just in office to line their own pocketbooks, but to actually represent the people of this country, the United States, which could be a great country if given the chance. 

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So please donate and stay tuned for my report on the Rage Against the Machine Show. I’m probably not going to put that on a Fight For Your Freedom Friday, but I’ll post some videos on my Instagram page. So have a great weekend, everybody. Okay, thanks. Bye.