Fight For Your Freedom Friday – Episode 3

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Hello, everybody on Tik Tok. This is my first reel, first reel yeah! I’ve been on Tik Tok for awhile, but just, you know, basically a lurker, I guess you could say. And I finally decided to start posting because I’ve started a new series called Fight for Your Freedom Friday on Instagram, and I’ve already posted two reels and this will actually be my third reel that I’m going to post on Tik Tok and also share on Instagram. So I’ll be the same, the same real on both. So you can follow me here or there or both. Whatever floats your boat, as they say. 

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So the first two reels of Fight For Your Freedom Friday. Prior to the first one,  I saw basically the whole premise of this is I just I decided to start this because we have the midterm elections coming up here in the United States on November 8th. And it’s really the most important election in modern American history, or possibly the most important ever in American history, because it will determine the future of our country and the direction that it’s going to take. 

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And it’s really important that we vote out the as I like to call them, the GOP Death Cult, because they offer nothing but death and destruction and talking about freedom, taking away everybody’s rights. They don’t care about this thing called separation of church and state, which is kind of an important premise of our government’s founding, which people forget that whole situation and which I’d like to talk about more in the future. 

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So the whole idea of my reels on Friday is that I’m going to be talking about different political topics, different thoughts that I have on sociopolitical issues, social justice issues, all of those things. And then also giving actions that you can do. Some of them will be like asking to donate to certain causes, or just to tell you about certain organizations that I’ve been a member of for a long time – Greenpeace, NRDC, Everytown, you know, things like that. And also, just tell you what I’m up to with my own music and my own art projects, little updates like that. 

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So that’s pretty much what it’s going to be. And so I thought for this first real, I would just tell you a little bit more about myself. So because it’s rude to just start talking to people without even telling them who the hell are you? 

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Alright, so I just thought I would just give you a little information about myself. I’m sitting here, sadly, in New Jersey in front of my recently deceased Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Sadly, we’re having a drought, a really bad drought here because of climate change in the Northeast. And we didn’t water this guy enough and he started to show some signs of distress. And we tried to save him or her or it. I don’t know. We tried to save it and it didn’t make it even though we tried watering it. It just yeah, it was too far gone. And so I thought I would immortalize it on my first TikTok video because we have to remove it now and say goodbye. 

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Anyway, back to talking about me. So I just wanted to say a little bit about myself. I am a mom of two teenage boys, which keep me very, very busy. One of them’s on the spectrum. They’re both really bright, like amazing, creative, wonderful guys. I’m just so proud of them. They take up most of my time, hence the, you know, posting on TikTok and Instagram and just doing everything at once. 

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I’m also going to be transcribing these videos onto my blog as well, so you’ll be able to follow them on my website. You can find more about me on my website

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I’m basically a singer, songwriter,  guitarist. I play all kinds of instruments piano, bass, drums, but my main instrument is guitar. I sing and write songs, mainly in the rock genre. And but I’m also starting to get into more experimental things. I’ve been in some local bands, Dollar Store Riot. I had an all-female band that I started during the pandemic called Megasparkle. Those projects are kind of on indefinite hiatus, and now I’m getting back to my own music, which is, I used to play in a band in the early two hundreds (EDITOR’S NOTE: meant to say 2000’s!) under the name Thea K and now I’m just using my, my full name, which is Thea Kearney,  

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And yeah, so you can find me.  I’m going to, I want to keep this short because it’s almost five and a half minutes. So I’m just going to say that they’ll be more about me on my blog if you want to, if you care to read about that. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next Fight For Your Freedom Friday. Next week, where I’ll be talking more about a new song that I just released and how you can help to make a difference and save our democracy, and help save our democracy for the midterms. Okay, talk soon.