Fight For Your Freedom Friday – Episode 1

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Hi everybody in Instagram world. I am just sitting here in my backyard on a bad hair day to bring you a segment from my new Friday series called Fight for Your Freedom Friday, where I’m going to spend about 60 seconds maybe, you know, hopefully no more than a minute, talking about a possible action that you can take to fight for our freedoms here in America, especially if you are a progressive like me, who thinks that a woman should have a right to decide what happens to her own body and what happens with her uterus. 

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And I would say that apparently over eight in ten Americans believe they should. So the first action I’m just going to mention for this week, which is actually, you can take up until September 30th or preferably before even before that, but the deadline is September 30th. Some generous donors at NARAL pro-choice America have agreed to triple match anybody’s donation that sent before September 30th of this year. 

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So $25 would be matched to be $75 or $10 would be $30. See, I can do math:-) sometimes. And so that’s something you can do. And I will just give you quickly the website, which is and I’ll put that link in the description as well. So please, if you if you can spare anything, any change. This is the organization I’ve been a member of for a long time now. We’ve been fighting for women’s rights. So that’s something quick you can do this week. Stay tuned for next Friday, because I will be posting another one of these. 

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And if you don’t agree with this, then that’s fine, just scroll on. Or as Halsey so aptly put it when they brought this up at one of their concerts recently, just don’t let the door hit you on the way out or have a nice weekend. Thanks. Bye.