Save Us From Ourselves

New song available April 7, 2024

Thea Kearney’s musical past, although varied from a listening perspective, for songwriting and performance her music has been solidly planted in the rock genre. A rock band guitar-playing fanatic, her songs have been self-described as urban stories of sociopolitical angst and unrequited love which is also a fitting description for this newest single, but a totally new genre for her. Thea was perusing one of the many songwriting communities she belongs to and came across a request from producer Peter Bladh for someone to top-line what was originally a dance cue. She loved the track so much, she decided to take a chance and this song is the result.  – a dark house dance with topical political commentary about the horrors of war.

After learning of the horrific events of October 7th in Israel and then studying and learning the history behind what occurred on this fateful day in 2023 has changed her perspective on a lot of things she thought she understood. These new revelations and layers of information that we’re opened from 5 months of studying and learning about the Middle East and the US/Israel relationship were always present in her mind during this time and couldn’t help but become the topic for this new single. However, the subject matter of the song is written in such a broad way as to apply to any war or armed conflict. She plans to use this single to raise funds for a children’s charity called Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund.