Resources on Israel-Palestine

I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading on the subject of what’s happening in The Middle East with the October 7th attack on Israel and subsequent siege on Gaza and attacks in The West Bank and widening conflict. I have formulated many journal entries ad writings on this since but just haven’t had the time to edit and post them here, but today I came across a fantastic video by a Palestinian living in Amsterdam and they explain what is going on so well in terms of the Zionist State and the propaganda that is needed to perpetuate the lies and brainwashing.

The Psychology of Israeli Propaganda

I’m seeing it first hand where I live in New Jersey with Jewish friends of mine getting fired from their jobs by other Jewish people just for speaking out for Palestinians and calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. This video really sheds light on what is really going on here. I’ve also shared another video below this that also talks about some of the history that has lead up to the current date where Iran is now retaliating on Israel for a attack Israel did earlier to wipe out Iranian generals in Damascus, Syria. To say the I’m worried is an understatement when WWIII was trending on Twitter last night. Netanyahu, to save his political career wants a wider war in the region.

This video also talks about the dehumanization of Palestinians and why this has gone on for so long and resulted in what we are seeing unfold in Gaza and The West Bank right now. I don’t know why my government has to keep supporting this other than that most of the politicians, both Democrats and Republicans are bought by AIPAC. It’s time for the USA to classify AIPAC as a foreign lobby because we might as well change the name to The United States of Israel if this insanity is allowed to continue.

If you’re on Twitter, I also highly recommend checking out this video about some more history of Jewish people in Palestine in an interview with Israeli writer, Alon Mizrahi:

I had some knowledge of this but not to this extent. This makes total sense, it’s like what happened to my poor immigrant Italian, Irish and Eastern European ancestors willingly coming to the USA and some even dying on the boats on the way over, at the turn of the century in the early 1900’s to escape starvation, poverty, wars because “the streets are paved with gold” then being cheap labor and soldiers for the USA and working so hard to be Americans, speaking English and being as “white” as possible to fit in and be accepted and some dying in WWII fighting the Nazis. My uncle Louis Rinaldi dies in WWII and my other uncles fought against the Nazi regime as well.

“The humiliation Arab Jews experienced in Zionism is something they never experienced in the Arab countries.” 

Alon Mizrahi spoke with AJ+ about the erasure of the Arab Jewish identity in Israel.

A friend also shared this Podcast Episode from Code Switch an NPR that really delves into the divided opinions in Jewish Communities over support of Israel. I highly recommend that everyone, Jewish and non-Jewish listen to this. I was literally crying by the end, but it ends with a hopeful and positive message for the future of Judaism. Never again for anyone. Never again is now!

I plan to write more about this issue, but in the meantime, here are some organizations to look into: Breaking The Silence and Standing Together are working on the ground in Israel to change the brainwashing and make a better future for Israelis, Palestinians and the world by exposing the truth and countering the IDF propaganda machine. Free Palestine and Free Israel from endless wars and terror! One thing I know for certain, this far-right government has got to go! When MAGA and AIPAC have more in common than not, you know something is seriously wrong. More on that in a later post…