Judas Priest and Queensrÿche 3.30.22

50th Anniversary Tour at Prudential Center, NJ

Went to see Judas Priest and Queensrÿche last night with Peter. He bought us tickets way back in 2020, but the show was postponed because of Richie Faulkner’s ruptured aorta and emergency surgery that postponed the tour until this year. 

So glad I made it out to this tour with the husband! He may be a Reggae, Ska, 80’s Oi fanatic, but at least we share our love of Judas Priest!!!! Keeping us married for 20 years and counting! LOL!

(Edited to add: I like those other genres as well, but I’m more metal head than he is!)

It was cool to see another one of my favorite bands from the late 1980’s Queensrÿche. It wasn’t the original line-up with Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo, but this line-up sounded great with the vocals of Todd La Torre. Rob Halford still does an amazing job on vocals even if he can’t hit the high notes quite like he did when he was younger. He is still the consumate showman on stage and I think he changed his jacket for every single song! Still riding out onto the stage on a motorcycle as well!  It was so great to see Glenn Tipton come out on stage and play some of the old favorites at the end of the night. 

would love to write more about the show, but Bobby Olivier of NJ.com did a much better job of writing about the show than I could do so check this out if you want to read more about this excellent 50th Anniversary Tour.