“The Voice” Audition, My Second Time

Okay, so I auditioned for The Voice once again this summer. I didn’t feel that I was really ready, but I went anyway. I picked the second audition on the second day which was a bad idea. By the time I was ushered into the judging room along with other contestants (approximately 10), I could see from the window overlooking the IZOD Center Arena, that the crowds had left and the janitors were putting the crowd-control barriers away.

This is not a good time to audition because the judges have picked everyone by this time and they are getting super-picky at this point. If I had been at the first round of auditions on the first day in the NY/NJ area, I might have had a better chance. But in a way I’m sort of glad that I didn’t get through. I really am not ready, and I’ve finally come to the point of admitting that to myself. And maybe it isn’t really what I need at this point. Right now, I’m concentrating on writing new songs and coming to better terms with my creativity and my personal relationship to my songwriting and performing.

It was good to go through the experience again though, because if I do choose to go back for a third time, I will be that much more confident since I will know the procedures and what is expected at an audition like this.