The Fellowship of Reconciliation Gig

F.O.R. Gig on Sunday, September 17th, 2006

My first live music gig after giving birth to my son way back in 2005. I only got to play three songs of my planned four or five because earlier performers were running overtime. I was the only one that followed the organizer’s request because others after me played longer than ten minutes. I was supposed to get twenty originally. There I go, being polite again. However, I was glad to play for a peace festival outside on a beautiful day and felt good about playing for a worthy cause — The Fellowship of Reconciliation, one of the oldest interfaith peace organizations in America. It was in Nyack, NY in an old mansion overlooking the Hudson River. My friend Jake Jacobs of The Von Ghouls, got me the gig. He played earlier with his band.

If I’m not going to make any money doing this (at the moment), it feels nice to be playing for a cause rather than just performing for five people in a smelly dive bar. I had a few people coming up and complimenting me, so I guess It must have sounded good.

Songs played: Species Closeout, Faces In The Shower, Melted Wax