#Neveragain, we are Everytown!

I have been a member of Everytown and Mom’s Demand Action for many years now (before Sandy Hook), but this is the first time I am writing about it instead of quietly working behind the scenes to pass better sensible gun laws in this country that I call home.  #nevergain, #enough!!!!!!! As a mother of two young boys I am completely and utterly fed up with what has been going on for the past twenty years in this country. I am so proud to see what the students of Parkland, Florida are doing. I feel that this time is different. We have reached a tipping point!

The shooting and gun massacre in Florida last week was the 18th school shooting in 2018 and it’s only February!

This is mass insanity on a nationwide scale perpetrated on our country by a small fringe minority in the NRA Leadership, not necessarily it’s members. The fact is that more than 80% of Americans want better, sensible gun laws, period. No question about it. We still believe in the Second Amendment, but have a different interpretation of it that is closer to it’s original intent than the small minority of NRA members that love their guns more than humanity.

The majority of the US Military and the US Police Force agree that there is no reasonable reason that a civilian US Citizen should have an (AR-15 style) weapon. These are weapons of war and giving them to the civilian population is turning our everyday lives into a war zone.

The FBI could do nothing after it received tips and warning about the Parkland, Florida shooter because of the current laws in Florida, but I can guarantee you, if the shooter was a suspected brown colored Muslim terrorist, he would have been shipped off to GITMO by now. This is homegrown terrorism and radicalized fundamentalism  in favor of gun manufacturers capitalist corporate profit margins. I would even go so far as to say that the NRA LEADERSHIP has become a terrorist leadership, supported by the current majority running our U.S. Government and those taking huge sums of money from the NRA.

More guns to stop gun massacres is like the war on drugs or the war on terrorism. It will just fuel more of the same. Not to mention that these proponents want to arm teacher’s with guns when they won’t even supply the basics like printer ink and pencils!!

A very eloquent student named Samuel Zeif spoke at the meeting at The White House today and he was asking the right questions. “Why should someone that can’t even legally drink be able to buy an AR-15 that is a weapon of war?” The answer is not a logical one, it is fueled by the millions of dollars given to Trump during his presidential campaign, and the millions of dollars given to both Republicans and Democrats by the NRA in the past 20+ years. This is why nothing has changed on the federal level since Columbine and since the Assault Weapons Ban expired under George W. I just hope that we don’t have to try the crazy way first (Concealed Carry Reciprocity) and experience more and more deaths before the sensible gun laws are passed that ban these weapons of war and only allow handguns and hunting rifles. We also need to reduce the amount of guns floating around this country and in getting into the hands of the mentally ill, domestic abusers and terrorists of any kind.

Otherwise, we might as well start stockpiling hand grenades, nukes, and chemical weapons under our beds, because this matching of weapons (citizens vs. the U.S. Government) is a ridiculous and futile idea espoused by people that ignore the facts. Ie. What happened in Australia and how they have zero gun massacres now. Zero.

Look it up, do your own research see what has happened in the past, study history and you will see the facts, plain and simple. MORE GUNS DO NOT MAKE US SAFER.

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