What’s New and Happy Holidays!

So much is new that if I was to write about all of it, it would take me a month. That month is better spent working on my new material for the album that is coming out in 2018! It maybe the end of 2018 and it might not be a full length album but E.P. instead, but I’m going for quality over quantity!

What has changed since the last blog post?

I have taken an indefinite hiatus from Dollar Store Riot because after five-plus years I needed a break from that project. I had this crazy idea that I would have time for Dollar Store Riot and my solo project. What was I thinking? With a freelance business, two kids (one Twice-Exceptional — it’s a term, look it up!), husband, house and geriatric cat, I don’t have much free time.

Finally, stop the presses, I have revisited a song that I wrote back in 2003 called “The Real World.” it is sounding so much better after I took a Fretboard Wizard Course with Tony Polecastro. He is an excellent teacher and has the best online community going for all things guitar!

I plan to do an FB Live in the coming weeks with the new improved version of the song.  I’ve got the songwriting engine going again, so there will be lots of rough drafts being churned out to start 2018, plus a few covers thrown in.

On a side note, my 15 year old cat Asia almost died on the couch a few weeks ago, but I rushed her to the vet and thanks to the miracles of B12 shots and Steroids (temporary treatment) she has made a miraculous recover and has gained 2 pounds. Fingers crossed, she’ll be with us for a few more years!

More later, but not too much later…